LeatherGuys. GayLeather. Becoming the largest dedicated online leather community for men. Minimum age to enter: 18+
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Welcome to LeatherGuys. We are working hard to become the premier community dedicated to men with a fetish for leather and the lifestyle associated with leather. Please note that this is an ADULT community and the site contains adult-rated pictures which our members are sharing. Please only enter if you are of legal age in your jurisdiction and if you are OK entering a gay themed website.
Willkommen auf unserer Lederseite. Wir arbeiten schwer daran, die grösste Gemeinde in der schwulen Lederszene zu werden. Du bist natürich bei uns sehr willkommen und herzlich eingeladen, wenn du volljährig bist, und du dir im Klaren bist, dass dies eine schwule Site ist.


What's LeatherGuys anyway? Well, we are an online community dedicated to men with a fetish for leather and the lifestyle associated with leather.

It is not only about men wearing leather in public. It's also about the aura of masculinity that a man in leather exudes. Of course the wearing of leather is also coupled with the idea of a fetish for this type of clothing.

Therefore things that are associated with such a fetish such as bondage, wrestling, leathermen who role play as master and slaves can be found within. Many times other sexual acts such as watersports, (not your regular water sports like diving with a mask), electro stimulation, whips and ropes are part of the overall package. Ah, yes, speaking of package. Ever admired a nice tight leather bulge?

We are an online leather club, so not a physical venture where people personally meet. This said, many people here make lasting friendships or hook up for no strings gay sex.
If you are a member of a leather bar or another leather community like boys of leather or a motorcycle club then please let us know as we will love to create an events page and help promote your cause.

We are aiming to be a worldwide community which is also why we are personally translating this site by native speakers. This will allow us to tap into the famous leather communities from San Francisco to Berlin. Please help us grow by recommending us to your leather friends. Whether you call it leather guys, leather men or men in leather … we’re all of that and more.

The domain gayleather.xxx also resolves to this site which may be easier to remember and is also representative of our worldwide scope of the site.

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